Wood resin lamps in limited pcs. 
Great for a gift- high quality handmade jewelry.

Wooden Lamps, Wood Lamps, Resin Wood Lamp by Woodland Dreamer



Only few lamps.

Lamps in heart shape great as a valentine's day gift.

Maple wood connected with purple amaranth. There is a channel on top filled with pieces of Carnelian or Amethyst – precious stones, common in high quality handmade jewelry. Solid metal bulb holder in gold color.

In only 1 pcs. - cube lamp, which base is made of eight wooden cubes and bars. English walnut wood with little light in the dark or oak connected with mahogany.

All lampshades melted from metal rods and saw by hand using natural linen.

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Wooden Lamp, Modern Wood Lamp, Art Wood Lamp by Woodland Dreamer

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