Woodland Dreamer is handmade wood product artist place. Our main product is wood slice clock and wood tables. Check our family.

About us- Woodland Dreamer family

We use all kinds of wood for the production process- oak, black oak, walnut, apple tree, mahogany, maple, amarant and many more

You have many opportunities to choose and purchase our handmade Woodland Dreamer products.

The main offer, where you can freely personalize the product from the list that we have prepared, more in the 'personalization' tab.
Collections, where you can become holders of a limited handmade series.

Each of the products will be marked with a special logo.
A diamond product that will always be created in one piece, which makes it even more special. After sale, it will disappear for a very long time.
You can't miss the opportunity!


Creation process

Designer Wall Clocks, Unique Wall Clocks, Gift for Women


In Woodland Dreamer we love wood and everything that's connected with it.
We want to create unique and unparalleled products, only from natural resources with the addition of stone and metal.

We consider all defects and cavities something natural and beautiful. Thanks to modern materials and techniques we are able to transform them into advantages.


In the project implementation process, we try to underline the uniqueness of each, even the smallest piece of wood. We often use wood intended to be burned by other people by giving the wood a new life. We would like everyone to enjoy the beauty o natural wood at their home.


We are a loving family who wants to expand and unite the family of handmade projects lovers. Join us, we are waiting for you!



Who we are


Woodland Dreamer, Wood Art, Designer, Artist, Wood Clock, Art

Our directions is determinated by one word- handmade.
We come out against massive, imperfect productions.
Woodland Dreamer products are made with great attention to every detail and with that our art
is on the top quality.



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